Celebrity Theming

We are all about celebrity here at Hotel Celebrity, from the corridors to the celebrity themed rooms, whoever is your favorite pin-up you’ll find them here.

Choose your Celebrity Bedroom. Please email, phone or put in the special requests section of the booking form a particular celebrity themed bedroom.
We will do our best to meet the request, (subject to availability).

Refurbished Triple Rooms

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton
Room: 243

Ken Dodd
Room: 236

Yul Brynner
Room: 245

Standard Double Rooms

Al Pacino
Room: 242

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Room: 238

Bruce Willis
Room: 233

Catherine Zeta Jones
Room: 111

Room: 254

Dolly Parton
Room: 255

George Clooney
Room: 116

Girl & Boy Bands
Room: 127

Jim Carrey
Room: 104

Johnny Cash
Room: 256

Keira Knightley
Room: 106

Lady Gaga
Room: 128

Room: 123

Max Miller
Room: 235

Mike Myers
Room: 101

Morgan Freeman
Room: 231

Patrick Swayze
Room: 241

Rolling Stones
Room: 251

Rowan Atkinson
Room: 103

Sophia Loren
Room: 237

Tina Turner
Room: 253

Tom Cruise
Room: 107

Tommy Cooper
Room: 234

Refurbished Double Rooms

David Bowie
Room: 252

Lawrence of Arabia
Room: 246

Room: 126

Robert De Niro
Room: 242

Sylvester Stallone
Room: 244

Standard Twin Rooms

Ben Affleck
Room: 114

Hugh Grant
Room: 108

Jude Law
Room: 110

Matt Damon
Room: 114

Michael Caine
Room: 240

Michael Jackson
Room: 121

Raquel Welch
Room: 239

Room: 122

Refurbished Twin Rooms

Bruce Springsteen
Room: 119

Will Smith
Room: 109

Standard Single Rooms

Bob Dylan
Room: 257

David Beckham & Models
Room: 118

Eddie Murphy
Room: 232

Hip Hop & Rap
Room: 129

James Bond
Room: 249

James Garner
Room: 248

Jon Bon Jovi
Room: 120

JRR Tolkein
Room: 102

Standard Triple Rooms

Angelina Jolie
Room: 115

Brad Pitt
Room: 115

Kylie Minogue
Room: 124

Vin Diesel
Room: 112

Family Rooms

Room: 250

Room: 125

Johnny Depp
Room: 105

Accessible Rooms

Elvis Presley
Room: 117

Frank Sinatra
Room: 247

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